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From restoration to gas and oil collectables, Crown Jewel loves petroliana and all that comes with it.

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Whether you are looking for petroliana restoration, gas collectables or oil collectables, the team at Crown Jewel is here for you. Our team loves petroliana and is experienced in restoring gas pumps, cans, and signs. Our team loves and knows this space well, from the classics to the modern and can do the work to make any piece a focal point.

One of the best things about working with Crown Jewel is that our restorers are experts in their field and will be able to bring your piece back to its former glory. Whether it is an old gas pump that spent years on Route 66 or your dad's old sign, we can do everything from removing rust to repainting and restoring. Once done, we can provide you with a piece of Americana that looks the part and will last for years.

Red painted weathered vintage gasoline pump displayed against rustic log wall.
Hackberry, Arizona, 07/20/2013
old fuel pump in front of rusty corrugated iron wall with license plates


Hackberry, Arizona, 07/20/2013
old fuel pump in front of rusty corrugated iron wall with license plates


No matter how often we fill up, the gas pump is something we all know and love. However, gas pumps are fickle creatures, and when it comes to restoration, these pumps can often be a challenge for any client. At Crown Jewel, our team is well-versed in the restoration of gas pumps and can bring a corroded, rusted hunk of metal back to the look you know and love in just a few weeks. We do more than repaint; with Crown Jewel, you will get a complete restoration back to the bare metal with paint that matches the exact look and feel of the gas pump when it is still operational. We have restored countless pumps from Gulf to Caltex and everything in between, and we cannot wait to help with yours!

This is a old grungy painted red metal gas can sitting on a wood porch.


Crown Jewel has restored countless gas and oil collectables to their previous condition, and we love the work. Whether dealing with a sign, gas pump, or gas can, our experts can find an exact match and make your piece shine. We will not simply paint over rust and call it a day. Instead, when you choose to work with Crown Jewel, you will get to work with an expert in restoration who will spend the time to make sure that your piece gets the proper treatment. This means removing rust, returning the piece to its barebones, repainting, and touching up. Once we finish it, your gas or oil collectable will look like it just came off the production line and ready to hang up.

Stowe, VT - 6 October 2022: Antique refridgerated Coca Cola bottle dispenser


At Crown Jewel, we are more than just an automotive shop. Our love of petroliana also extends to vending machines from the 20th century. These machines are classics, and whether you are looking to restore one or your current one needs a bit of tender loving care, we have you covered. We have worked on pretty much any vending machine you can think of, including Pepsi, Coca-Cola and a host of rarer models. Not only can our team deal with rust and corrosion, but we can also re-work and restore the interior mechanisms, so you have a functioning piece of americana. Crown Jewel can help restore your classic vending machine to factory condition.

River Street and Union Street


When you come to our shop, you will see first-hand the love that Crown Jewel has for signs. From small ones to signs stretching across a building, vintage signs were better in the 50s. We have worked on a host of galvanized steel signs and have restored them with ease. Whether looking at an old soda sign, gas sign, road sign, or anything else, the restorers at Crown Jewel can match paint, scrape rust, and restore your sign so that you can proudly hang it at your home or office for years to come.

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