A little more about us at Crown Jewel Automotive

From humble beginnings to respected authority, enjoy working with Crown Jewel Automotive

When Crown Jewel first opened our doors, our founder knew that he wanted to recreate the magic he had when he first started tinkering on a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria with his grandfather. It was a place of knowledge, passion and, most of all, expert advice for those looking to service or restore a vehicle. Crown Jewel became a restoration shop that could do everything from bodywork to rebuilding parts. With that passion for classic cars came a passion for all things petroliana, and we love it. Today, Crown Jewel is the pride of Mansfield, Ohio, and we cannot wait to provide the customer service you expect from a place that puts you first.

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What makes Crown Jewel Different?

Unlike other restoration shops in the region, Crown Jewel is all about the process. We know that every restoration is different and will approach your project with ideas you love. We like to take our time and will ensure that our team puts a level of detail that is second to none in the restoration industry. Crown Jewel is always chasing perfection, and whether it is a simple touch-up or something more labor-intensive, your baby is in the best hands when you choose Crown Jewel.

Why only Ford?

Our founder, Jeff Smith, fell in love with the blue oval at a young age. Over the years, he saw how other classic car shops would focus on all classic cars, and the quality of the vehicle restorations and services was not great. So, when Crown Jewel was founded, we wanted to hyper-focus on Ford, specifically Ford passenger cars and Thunderbirds from the mid-50s. This way, our expert team could get into a groove and perfect our craft. That is why if you want to restore a mid-50s Ford, the best choice for quality and craftsmanship is here at Crown Jewel Automotive.

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We would love to help!

If you want to restore or service your mid-50s Ford, now is the time to call Crown Jewel Automotive. We are home to the top-rated restoration shop in the country, and we cannot wait to work with you!